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Distribution Sales

We are very proud that so many of our loyal and satisfied customers are in the restaurant industry. Not only are we famous for our Hawaiian Winners and Portuguese Sausages, we also carry a variety of products ranging from Wagyu Beef (from Japan), USDA Prime Beef, Black Line Pork (Kurobuta) along with other beef, pork, poultry and seafood items. We are also capable of slicing meats to our customers specifications. Redondo's offer a variety of high quality products that satisfies the culinary demands of our customers and inspires them to create delicious and interesting menu dishes.



Wagyu Beef
Japan's Miyazaki Wagyu Beef is one of the finest quality beef in the world. One of the main points of wagyu beef is the fat content that provided the special sweet flavor that come from several Lactons. These same Lactons can also found in peaches, coconuts and various other fruits. Wagyu's unique qualities brings out a better texture and taste that makes dishes taste even better.

One of the fine qualities of Miazaki Wagyu cattle, is that they are traceable. Calves are registered with the Japan Government so they can be traced from when they are born to when they are sold at restaurants or supermarkets.


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