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Broke da mouth!
Wiki Wiki Means Quick and Fast in Hawaii
Now! we are introducing the Wiki Wiki Chef line of products, a quick and easy way to prepare a delicious meal at home! Wiki Wiki Chef is the perfect meal solution for people on the go!


Gravy sauce
Hawaii's Favorite
Demi Glace sauce
Japan's favorite

Brand Concept
1 Meal Solution for people on the go!
2 Delicious meal by the chef at home
3 Quick and Easy to prepare
4 Respecting the food culture of Hawaii
5 Surprised and impressed by something new
6 At reasonable Price

What's New
1 Chilled Standing Vacuumed Pouch Loco Moco with Sauce
2 Two New Cooking Technology to Keep the Hamburger Juicy
* Hybrid Super Steam Oven
* Vacuumed cooking


The Wiki Corner

  • First Entry Item in the US
  • Making Hawaii's Favorites
  • Wiki Wiki Products are made fresh in Hawaii
  • Fast and Easy for people on the go!

Where to Buy

  • Times Supermarkets
  • Big Save Supermarkets
  • Wal-Mart - (Hawaii)
  • Tamuras Wahiawa
  • Foodland / Sac & Save
  • Don Quijote
  • Marukai
  • KTA Supermarkets (Big Island)
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